5,555 toadally awesome pixel froggie collectibles hanging out in their spawning grounds on the Solana blockchain

Our Frogs

NFTree Frogs are a ribbiting army of NFT collection coming to Solana.

We're breeding wicked pixel art frogs with a roadmap based on more than just hopium. Froggie hodlers gain long-term value from exclusive mint access on newt collections, launchpad voting rights and a DAO that's toadally financed from community royalties. Hop in!


120+ Unique Attributes

Every NFTree Frog is uniquely generated from hand-crafted attributes. Our background concept is a game changer for pixel NFTs. All attributes were created as original assets with love and care by our amazing artist Bambi.

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We're breeding!
5,555 unique NFTree Frogs are created
We're hoppin' on Twitter and Discord


Whitelisted presale for 500 members
Presale prior to public mint

Drop Day

The best 2 minutes of your life, baby!
See FAQ for secondary markets

Spawning Season

During spawning season, NFTree Frogs return to their spawning grounds for breeding
Only NFTree Frog Hodlers will have access to mint a new NFT - TadSols

Frens of Frogs

We are an inclusive community of creators and want to help our fellow frogs
We will create a launchpad for projects that our community believes in
20% of collab project royalties go to NFTree Frogs Community Wallet


NFTree Frogs is meant to be community-driven, decentralized and flexible
Once our community is self-sufficient, the FrogDAO will be created and the community wallet will be reassigned to it

Things we are considering

Access to members only Discord Whitelist for Frens of Frogs collection
Voting rights on new project selection
Airdrops of collaboration NFT's

Things we are not considering

Non crypto/NFT rewards
Crypto Airdrops
Crappy play to earn video game
Other low-value mint bait

Spawning Season

During Spawning Season, NFTree Frog hodlers will have the chance to mint one of 2032 TadSols

Only one spawning ground will be open at a time for 24 hours during Spawning Season.

Once an NFTree Frog holder mints a TadSol, they MAY NOT do so again for the remainder of Spawning Season.

Day 1


1024 Eggs


Day 2


512 Eggs


Day 3


128 Eggs


Day 4


64 Eggs


Day 5


32 Eggs


Day 6


16 Eggs

Super Rare

Day 7


8 Eggs

Super Rare


As in nature, Tadsols will develop into NFTree Frogs

TadSols must be left undisturbed in a wallet for 60 days before they can be exchanged for an NFTree Frog

Flippers and paper hands reset the maturation timer

A TadSol's spawning ground determines the background of the developed frog

Community Royalties

To grow NFTree Frogs, 20% of all royalties will be allocated to the Community Wallet

NFTree Frogs has been built with 2 core values.

Building a world community and network of creators
Providing value to buyers of NFTree Frogs

NFTree Frogs

20% Royalties


20% Royalties

Frens of Frogs Launchpad collections

20% Royalties

These funds will be used for:

Further roadmap development


Discord mods and managers

Frens of Frogs project incubation

Meet the team


Making sure things get done.


Technical dreamer. Never sleeps.

Sir Croaksalot

Tokenomics. Data modelling. Topknots.


Pixel artist.
Also a pro dev.


A ribbetting army of toadally awesome 8-bit NFT collectables with unfrogettable traits hanging out in their spawning grounds on the Solana blockchain.

Mint directly from our website. Click the "Mint Me Baby" button when the timer expires at the top of our home page. Secondary market listings will be added to our website - get the latest info on Discord.

18 December, 2021. 8PM UTC. Mint information will ONLY be communicated in Discord and via our Twitter account.


Presale date is planned for 18 December, 2021 - same day as public mint. Join Discord for more information!

Whitelisted Discord members will be provided with authenticated access to our Presale. Join Discord for instructions!

We strongly recommend using the Phantom wallet. It's froggin' awesome.

All NFTree Frogs and attributes created as original assets with love and care by our amazing artist Bambi.

We are a passionate team of Solana NFT degens. Bowser and Gamabunta have been building software for more than a decade, covering systems engineering and smart contract dev. Sircroaksalot is a Financial Director who adds quant modelling and tokenomics. Bambi’s our wickedly talented artist - and a pro frontend dev! Bowser, Gamabunta and Sir Croaksalot are all pro crypto traders and are wildly bullish on Solana.